e-NABLE Volunteering Needs Page

Current Volunteering Needs

This page lists volunteering needs other than device production. If you are interested in helping with one of these tasks, please send an email to ewcsupport@e-nable.org. This page will be updated as new volunteering needs emerge, so check back often.

  • EWC Development Assistance: We are seeking qualified developers to help with ongoing development of e-NABLE Web Central. Some limited funding is available to pay for this role. Need a mid to senior-level web developer with experience building websites using Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC platform with C#. Must have experience using SQL Server, as well as Entity Framework - experience with an ORM like NHibernate is an acceptable substitute. Developer also needs to be competent in front end development technologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript; should have worked with at least one JavaScript framework like Angular, ReactJS, KnockoutJS, as EWC is built almost entirely using KnockoutJS (MVVM); also good to have experience working with Bootstrap 4 (or Zurb), creating responsive and/or mobile websites. It's critical for developer to have familiarity with core concepts and practical usage of Dependency Injection (aka Inversion of Control/IoC), and at least one DI framework, as the core of EWC's architecture is Autofac. Strongly preferred are good coding habits with an orientation toward writing resuable software components that exhibit "SOLID" principles. Additionally, developer should have strong communication skills esp. experience translating complex business requirements into working software; ability to strategically leverage existing system components to fulfill needs.
  • EWC Case Facilitation: We need volunteers to help with case facilitation within e-NABLE Web Central. Case Facilitators will help with monitoring the status of all cases within EWC and will provide assistance to case participants as needed. For example, if a case appears to be stalled, the Case Facilitator will email the responsible party and offer assistance or guidance for next steps.
  • Device Approvals/Badging: We need volunteers to help with the process of reviewing submissions of photos/videos of test devices and issuing of badges for approvals. Volunteers would be responsible for monitoring the e-NABLE Badge Requests Spreadsheet where these submissions are sent, reviewing each submission, and providing feedback and tracking information as needed.
  • Document translation: We can always use assistance translating e-NABLE documents into other languages. If you are fluent in multiple langagues and wish to help with this effort, please let us know.
  • Strategic Planning Committee participation: The e-NABLE Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) meets weekly to discuss issues related to the support of the overall e-NABLE community. We cover topics such as how to establish standards and guidance to help translate best-practices developed by e-NABLE chapters and volunteers to other parts of the e-NABLE community, planning for e-NABLE events, coordination of e-NABLE activities in different regions, etc. We are always looking for volunteers who are willing to help work on community support.