e-NABLE Web Central Documentation

Getting Started

Feel free to check out our video walkthrough to see how to get started using e-NABLE Web Central.

When you created a new login for e-NABLE Web Central (EWC), you were guided through the registration process. During this process, you indicated whether you are seeking help, offering to help, or both. This will determine the types of functions you can access within EWC. Everyone has a "Device Requests" page, which will serve as your home page in EWC. Here, you can request a new device and monitor the status of your active device requests.

Once you are finished with the registration process, you should go to the Profile Editor page to verify your address and setup your information sharing preferences. You can also upload a profile photo (optional). Any device requests you create will not be visible to volunteers until your address has been verified.

If you are looking to receive an e-NABLE device, your next step is to create a new Device Request. This can be done during the initial registration process or by clicking on the "New Request" button on the Device Requests page.

Once you have created a device request, you need to upload sizing photos before e-NABLE volunteers will be able to get started. Click on the Case ID on the Device Requests page to go to the Case Details screen and select the Information tab. From there, you can click on Add Photo (and optionally, Add Video) to upload your sizing photos and videos.

In order to get a proper fit for devices and to ensure that the sizing is correct, it is imperative that you take images that are at the correct angle and orientation and in a high enough resolution with good lighting. Please make sure to watch the Taking Recipient Photos For e-NABLE video before taking images to submit.

Once you are finished uploading sizing photos/videos, click on the "Ready for Volunteer Review" button. This will make your case available to e-NABLE volunteers who can then choose to assist with your device request.

Important Note for Volunteers

If you are a volunteer, please note that you will not see the Volunteering home page in the menu (where you can browse device requests submitted by others) unless you have selected the “Fabricator” and/or “Device Assembler” roles during registration. You can edit your selected volunteer roles by going to the Edit Profile page.

On the Edit Profile page, you can select the appropriate volunteer roles:

Understanding Roles

EWC provides a range of different functionality and is intended to support different types of users. The roles you're assigned will determine which parts of the EWC application are accessible.

Managing Cases

Once a case is created, volunteers can make offers to help with that case. Each case needs three volunteer roles - Expert, Fabricator, and Assembler. In some cases, all three roles will be fulfilled by a single volunteer. In other cases, multiple volunteers will be involved in a single case. Each case moves through a series of steps, culminating in the recipient accepting a new e-NABLE device. As EWC is developed further, the user and volunteers will be guided through these steps, with status and next steps being described each step of the way. For now, the process is a little more manual, with the volunteers providing status updates and next steps via the Case Details screen.

Message Board

Within the Case Details screen, you'll find a Message Board. Here, you can exchange messages with other case participants. Messages can include attachments. Any message posted to the case's Message Board will be visible by all volunteers assigned to the case. In the future, you will be able to send messages to specific individuals, but for now, the Message Board provides a shared messaging platform that is available to all people assigned to a case.

Future Updates

There are lots of features that will be added in the near future. This documentation page will be updated as those features are implemented, so check back often. Visit the What's New page for details about the latest updates and a preview of upcoming features.